ADBL Bubble Maker shampoo booster 200 ml

ADBL Bubble Maker shampoo booster

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Perfect shampoo supplement. Enhances foam stability and cleaning properties. Bumps up slickness level for a scratch-free wash. Contains corrosion inhibitors. Prevents car from rusting and cracking. Balanced pH makes it safe for waxes and sealants. Winter essential – supports road salt removal. Very efficient and economical – 10 ml per wash. High suds, high protection.

Method of use:

  1. Add recommended amount of shampoo and 10-20 ml of ADBL BUBBLE MAKER per each 10l of water.
  2. Wash according to instructions given on a shampoo.

Additional guidelines:

  • Use regularly for best performance.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Protect from sunlight.
  • Do not freeze.

Size: 200 ml


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