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GYEON Q²M Ceramic Detailer

GYEON Q²M Ceramic Detailer

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GYEON Q²M CeramicDetailer is the perfect maintenance product for ceramic coated cars matching the best of two worlds – spray sealants and regular quick detailers.

Q²M CeramicDetailer does not differ from our famous Q²M QuickDetailer when it comes to ease of use.

It may be used both on dry and wet paint, where it unfolds its potential as a drying aid.

It can be used on every exterior surface both coated or not.

Q²M CeramicDetailer has the primary function of increasing slickness, gloss and adding hydrophobic properties.

TIP: Spray a liberate amount of product on a damp Q²M PolishWipe, rub the product on the surface and perfect the finish with a dry Q²M SoftWipe.

DURABILITY: up to 6 weeks

CONSUMPTION: 40-50ml/car

Size: 400 ml


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