SONAX Profiline Headlight Polish

SONAX Profiline Headlight Polish



SONAX Profiline Headlight Polish

Special abrasive polish for freshening up yellowed and matt plastic headlights. Removes minor to medium scratches, restores the original clarity Ensures an optimum luninous efficiency. Increases driving safety and enhances the overall appearance. For front and rear headlights. For use with a polishing machine.

The Sonax Research and Development team has developed a polish that is especially adapted to the materials of modern headlamps. Both the innovation’s mode of action and material compatibility was extensively tested and brought to market maturity. 

Sonax Headlight Polish is capable of removing minor to medium scratches whilst restoring the original clarity, ensuring an optimum luninous efficiency. Increases driving safety and enhances the overall appearance. Sonax Profiline Headlight Polish is suitable for all front and rear plastic headlights & tail lights.

For use with a polishing machine.

How to use:

  • Clean headlights as part of a normal vehicle wash, or just wipe over the headlights with SONAX Glass clear and a soft cloth, (depending on the extent of soiling) and allow to dry.
  • Remove tree sap, tar and other stubborn impurities with SONAX Clay blue, if necessary.
  • Mask bordering areas of the bonnet, mudguards and bumpers.
  • Use a rotary polishing machine with a lambskin pad.
  • Apply a little polish onto the lambskin and polish the headlight at low rotational speed and exerting some pressure, until the desired gloss level is achieved.
  • Apply more polish if required. Wipe off with a microfibre cloth and check result.
  • Seal afterwards with SONAX PROFILINE Headlight protection.

Size: 250 ml 


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