Koch Chemie Csp Cockpit-Super-Pflege Interior plastic maintenance product

Koch Chemie Csp Cockpit-Super-Pflege interior plastic maintenance product



Koch Chemie Csp Cockpit-Super-Pflege 

Interior plastic maintenance product, glossy

Cockpit-Super-Pflege is an interior plastic trim maintenance product with cleaning and preserving properties adjusted for gloss.

Provides long-lasting protection against new dirt and UV radiation. With fresh fragrance.

Areas of use

Dashboard, interior trim, rubber seals, etc.

Recommendations for use

Spray onto a soft sponge and apply evenly to the surfaces. Leave to dry and possibly wipe down using a microfibre cloth.


Do not use on surfaces where slipperiness is undesirable, eg pedals, steering wheel, tyres. Before using, check suitability and compatibility.

Item no. 20001

Container 1 l


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