GYEON Q²M Compound heavy cutting compound

GYEON Q²M Compound heavy cutting compound

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Q²M Compound is a cutting paste, delivering excellent performance and a high level of scratch removal combined with a very low level of dust and an incomparable finish. Correct technique combined with an eccentric polisher allows to use Q²M Compound as a one-step product!

Q²M Compound is a magnificent one step product while used with an eccentric polisher and the Q²M Eccentric Polish Pad. This technique will allow decent defect removal and a great, glossy finish.

A significant level of cutting power comes with an impressively low dust level and high-quality finish. Q²M Compound formula is water-based and contains high quality Japanese abrasives, allowing great results in just one cutting paste. No silicone or fillers make the procedure of pre-coating preparation and polish removal much easier and quicker.


CUT: ★★★★★★

FINISH: ★★★★

Capacities: 120 ml, 1000 ml


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