SOFT99 New Fabric Seat Cleaner

SOFT99 New Fabric Seat & Mat Cleaner

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New Fabric Seat Cleaner 400 does not only get rid of bad odors, but also it has an excellent cleaning effect. Its antibacterial effect prevents molds or ticks from occurring, which gives a great result with fresh mint scent. It can easily remove dirt such as tar, stains or sebum from the seats. Plus, the included brush helps you remove persistent dirt in the fabric. Organic solvent is NOT included, so it is very eco-friendly. 

Directions of use:

1. Set up the nozzle to <MIST>.

2. Spray it 15-20 cm away from the seats or mats and rub it with the included brush. The area where you spray will bubble.

3. Wipe off the bubble and dirt with a clean towel before the surface gets dry.

4. Dry completely and then the entire process will be done.

Size: 400 ml.


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