SOFT99 FUKUPIKA Spray Strong Type vaškas ir valiklis 400 ml

SOFT99 Fukupika Spray Strong Type 400 ml



Soft99 Fukupika Spray Strong Type cleaner and wax

By just spraying and wiping clean, you will simultaneously clean the car surface while also applying a wax-coating. Drying and rewiping are NOT necessary. The blended fluorine-resin in this formula dramatically increases wax durability and prolongs water-proofing for up to 3 months. An improved gloss component enables this product to also achieve a deep shine of the car body. No alcohol or petroleum solvents are used in this product making it eco-friendly and safe on skin contact.

*If heavily soiled, wash off dirt from car in order to prevent scratches.

  1. Shake the bottle well, turn nozzle to and spray onto car surface.
  2. Softly wipe off with a soft, clean towel before the solution dries.

Size: 410 ml.


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