Fresso Wooden Hanger Paradise Spark...

Fresso Wooden Hanger Paradise Spark air freshener


Long-lasting and brilliantly composed air freshener.




Let’s wrap yourself in this fragrance with green and fruity smells of the nature.

This garden opens with a sparkling citrusy mist with notes of lemon and bergamot that sprinkles a spring greenery with notes of cut grass and crunchy apple.

The velvety softness of the lily of the valley is becoming more and more evident with an ethereal freshness before melting into a warm and comfortable bed of amber and oakmoss.

An elegant, scented, wooden hanger with a brown, braided string is a sophisticated accessory that will perfectly match any car interior.

You will be positively surprised by the Fresso hanger, its unique form as well as a long-lasting and brilliantly composed fragrance.

Due to their natural origin, the hangers may slightly differ in appearance, which makes them unique and exceptional.


The unique composition of our products is based on valuable, strongly-concentrated ingredients. Thanks to this, a subtle fragrance lasts up to 31 days.

Sensual fragrance notes of Fresso hangers are released in a continuous and controlled manner. We have eliminated sudden, too intense scent discharge, which is why the scent remains constant for nearly the entire period of the hanger’s use.


Forget the flat and unnatural fragrances. The compositions we offer consist of several layers and many notes, just like in classic perfumes.

You will quickly learn about their beauty and uniqueness, and you will be surprised by their exceptional durability and efficiency. You will enjoy them for a very long time! Every day you can surround yourself with a fragrance that emits positive energy.


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