Nanolex Textile & Leather Sealant

Nanolex Textile & Leather Sealant

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Nanolex Textile & Leather Sealant is a high-tech textile coating which forms an extremely long-lasting water and oil repellent barrier on textile and leather surfaces.

It uses a water-based type of the sol-gel system to install an interlaced, self organising net of organic and inorganic nano-scale compounds. These form a fully-breathable, completely invisible coating that chemically bonds to treated surfaces.

After application, Nanolex Textile & Leather Sealant encourages water to bead up and roll off the treated surface, carrying superficial contaminants with it. Stains are also prevented and spills can be easily mopped up.

With proper maintenance it has a longevity of approximately 15,000 km on the surfaces it was applied to. 

How To Use Nanolex Textile & Leather Sealant
This product can be stored for up to 24 months (in a dry, temperature stable environment)
Sealant: appr. 40-50ml/m²
IMPORTANT: Before you use a Nanolex Car Care product please make sure you wear suitable protection
gear – we always recommend to use Latex-or Nitril gloves to make sure your hands are protected from
any possible damage to your skin.
1. Before applying Nanolex Textile & Leather Sealant make sure that the fabric is as clean as possible, most importantly make sure that there is no residue of any cleaners on/in the fabric, those will prevent the necessary bonding.
2. Spray Nanolex Textile & Leather Sealant onto the fabric, spreading it evenly until the surface is
completely saturated.
3. Let the sealant dry for at least 24h before the first water contact. The sealant dries and cures at room
temperature. Avoid drying at higher temperatures because of possible forming of explosive mixings with
Caution: If the product is sprayed on the fabric wearing of inhalation protection is necessary due to
aerosol forming. Be sure of efficient exhaust
  • Water-based:
  • Adds protection:
  • UV protection:
  • Suitable for interior use
  • Safe for delicate materials
  • Durability: 6 months +

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