GYEON Q²M LeatherSet Strong

GYEON Q²M LeatherSet Strong



Q²M Leather Set Strong is the complete solution combining Q²M LeatherCleaner Strong, a powerful pre-coating leather cleaner and Q² LeatherCoat to achieve the ideal leather maintenance & protection solution. 

Q²M Leather Strong ensures the removal of deep dirt, oil residue and provides best preparation for coating.

Q² LeatherCoat ensures a long-lasting matte clean surface and makes future maintenance easier against contamination.

BOX CONTAINS: Q²M LeatherCleaner Strong 200ml / Q² LeatherCoat 120ml / Q²M LeatherBrush / Q²M MF Applicator / microfibre

TIP: Always use multiple microfibre towels. It’s worth to wipe the leather with a damp towel once cleaning is done.

CONSUMPTION: 1set / 2-3 cars


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