Nanolex SiOne
Nanolex SiOne
Nanolex SiOne
Nanolex SiOne

Nanolex SiOne



Nanolex SiOne is a water-based "all-in-one" product that cleans painted surfaces, removes minor defects and seals them at the same time. Nanolex SiOne contains the latest generation of abrasive components and polymers that refresh and seal the paintwork and rim surfaces in one step during application. Nanolex SiOne refreshes weathered paintwork and removes oxidation and microscratches - at the same time it leaves a surface sealed by reactive polymers with very good hydrophobic properties and a deep gloss.

Evenly distribute a small amount of Nanolex SiOne on a microfibre cloth / microfibre pad or a fine blue Nanolex polishing sponge and spread Nanolex SiOne on the surface by hand or with a polishing machine until the polish on the surface becomes transparent. Remove polish residues with a Nanolex Allround microfibre cloth.

Nanolex SiOne was developed, tested and produced in Germany.

  • Mild abrasives remove light scratches and oxidation
  • High hydrophobicity and excellent sealing effect
  • Deep shine

Size: 100 ml


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