Poorboy’s World Black Hole Show Glaze

Poorboy’s World Black Hole Show Glaze



Black Hole is an easy on / easy off glaze for dark coloured vehicles. Black Hole helps bring out the most from dark colours and helps to hide light swirls, scratches and paint imperfections. Black Hole is designed for detailers, enthusiasts and show car owners who want the best, deepest, & wettest shine available. Black Hole can be applied as often as needed and can be topped with waxes or sealants, or just left alone for show vehicles. Black Hole can be applied by hand or machine.


Spread it with a soft, clean foam applicator,(if applying by machine, set your polisher to a low speed) and work until a shine begins to appear. Allow it to dry to a haze and then buff off with a clean, soft microfibre towel like our DMT or Mega-Plush towel.

If your vehicle has more severe swirls and scratches, use Poorboys swirl removers to perfect the paint. Then apply Poorboy’s World White Diamond Show Glaze to improve gloss. Finally, top the paint with Poorboys World EX-P Sealant or Natty’s Paste Wax.

Size: 473 ml.


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