ADBL Glass Cleaner - effective and ready to use glass cleaner

ADBL Glass Cleaner

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Ready to use window and mirror cleaner. Contains trace amount of alcohol, which has been replaced by non-toxic solvents with a purity of cosmetics. Leaves glass perfectly degreased and streak-free.

Efficient and easy to use. Does not contain phosphates and ammonia.


  1. Spray on the surface.
  2. Rub the fluid with a microfiber cloth with short fibers.
  3. Buff the glass with clean and dry microfiber mitt.
  4. If appropriate, repeat the action.

Additional instructions:

  • Original washer has the ability to control the sprayer’s degree from mist to stream.
  • For final washing, the liquid may be diluted 1:2
  • Always use on cold surfaces and in the shade.

Store in a cool place.

Protect from sunlight.

Do not refrigerate or freeze.

Available capacity:

  • 500 ml
  • 1 l
  • 5 l


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