Luxus Green Microfiber drying towel 90x60

Luxus Green Microfiber drying towel 90x60

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Luxus Green Microfiber drying towel 90x60

Luxus drying towel is an ultra plush towel, perfect for drying a car. Manufactured from high quality 70/30 split microfibre this drying towel simply soaks up water, making a very effective and safe way to dry your vehicle.

Size: 90x60 cm

500 g/m2

70% polyester, 30% polyamide

Color: Apple Green


  • Microfibre edges that wont scratch
  • Streak Free absorbent Towel that drys totally everytime
  • A Whopping plush 90x60 cm size soft towel
  • Ideal for drying wet surfaces and using waterless products
  • Lint free with no streaks
  • Microfibre product that will lift dirt and dust particles instantly
  • Will hold (absorb)10 times its weight
  • Deluxe soft fluffy towel and very easy to use

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