Luxus Laser Red microfiber cloth 40x40

Luxus Laser Red microfiber cloth 40x40



Luxus Red Laser Cut 40x40 cm microfiber towel 400 gsm.

Luxus Red Laser Polish - polishing cloth is fantastic new polishing cloth for cars and for cleaning paintwork and car valeting and all types of polishing cleaning.

Microfibre - polishing cloth the perfect tool for especially designed for the car industry, car-washes and auto body repair industry. Laser cut removable label. No risk of scratching maximum absorption. 

  • Incredibly soft and plush microfiber in a handy 40x40 cm  size
  • It's perfect for quick detailing and pampers every surface it touches
  • The microfiber's weight is 400 g/m², making one very soft towel!


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