Gamintojo prekių sąrašas Tuga Chemie

TUGA CHEMIE develops premium cleaning and care products for cars and other vehicles, industry and the home.

For more than forty years now, this family company has developed, produced and distributed highly effective specialised cleaning products designed to meet the highest standards and easily remove the most stubborn dirt. In addition to its range of highly effective cleaning products, TUGA CHEMIE is also able to produce special custom-made solutions for you and bottle them in containers featuring your own label. With their powerful technological features and formulas, TUGA CHEMIE cleaning products are in a league of their own.

Close cooperation with our customers and continuous development work ensure that our cleaning products always meet the highest standards. Whether in a workshop, car wash or your bathroom at home – our products are biodegradable and long lasting.

That’s premium quality. Made in Germany.

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